Marketing Manager

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Pam Fesing manages the workflow and initiatives of the Vanguard Properties management and design teams. Her deadline-driven mentality and affinity for multi-tasking are key in the production of high-quality marketing materials. Pam takes particular interest in offering digital advertising solutions to agents.

Before entering the real estate sector, Pam Fesing taught music in the Colorado public school system. Her background in education has inspired a unique management style and a strong understanding of creative problem solving. She brings a playful element to the collaborative atmosphere at Vanguard Properties, and exercises a balanced mix of patience and deadline-driven urgency.

Pam moved to San Francisco following an exploration of culture and language in China, although hails originally from Florida. In her free time, Pam plays competitive ice hockey at the Oakland Ice Rink and is an active member of the Bay Area bluegrass scene.